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Mrs. María Gloria Báez Recalde

February 11, 2012adminAdvisory BoardComments Off on Mrs. María Gloria Báez Recalde

Mrs. Maria has extensive experience in Journalism. She has been a Host and Producer of Television and Radio programs in Paraguay, Germany and Argentina.  While resident in Argentina, she was the correspondent for a German/American news agency and  a Paraguayan  Radio Station  and Newspaper.  She has degrees in Journalism and Public Affairs Administration.

Mrs. Báez returned to Paraguay, in 2008, to take the post of Director of International Relations at the Secretary of the Woman of the Presidency of the Republic. In this post, she has specialized on various themes, such as: Human Rights, International Relations, Defense, Trafficking of People; all with a special Gender focus. Her responsibilities have taken her to many countries, including: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Santo Domingo, USA, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Kuwait, South Korea, just to mention a few, where she has participated, defended and promoted the actions and policies taken by the current government  in respect of the mentioned themes.

She is the Paraguayan Representative or Delegate at many international Forums and work-shops, as well as the coordinator and organizer of various international meetings held in Paraguay.

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