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Dr. Munawar A. ANEES

February 1, 2012adminAdvisory BoardComments Off on Dr. Munawar A. ANEES

Dr. Anees is a strategic consultant and a globally published creative writer. He holds intensive experience and enduring interest in a wide range of areas such as strategic program management, information resource development, media strategy and advisory, science and ethics policy analysis, and knowledge management. Dr. Anees was special Consultant to the John Templeton Foundation based near Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA). Established by the renowned international investor, Sir John Templeton, the Foundation currently funds – in a multi-million dollar venture – more than 300 projects, studies, award programs and publications worldwide. Dr. Anees has been deeply involved in strategic program development for the emerging interface between the Muslim world and the West.
Dr. Anees has successfully managed several high profile portfolios in Malaysia, the most prominent being the Advisor and speech-writer for the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Education, the Honorable Anwar Ibrahim – long renowned worldwide for his political and economic leadership and insight.

Dr. Anees is founding Editor-in-Chief of the world’s premiere journal of current awareness on Islam and the Muslim world: Periodica Islamica: An International Contents Journal (Kuala Lumpur, 1991). Supported by a worldwide team of distinguished writers and scholars, and with the collaboration of over 1200 publishers, Periodica Islamica came to be recognized as “an invaluable guide” for all multidisciplinary discourses on the world of Islam. Since February 1998, he is serving as a contributing Correspondent for the Global Viewpoint/Los Angeles Times Syndicate. He was Consultant to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO, Vienna) for the 16th International Congress of Genetics (Toronto). His regular contributions in the monthly Inquiry: A Magazine of Events and Ideas (London, 1984-1988), have played a pioneering role in creating an awareness about the social impact of reproductive technologies. One of his books, Islam and Biological Futures: Ethics, Gender, and Technology(London: Mansell, 1989; translations in Turkish, Bosnian, and Bahasa Indonesia) is a classic.

For the new global online encyclopedia, Nupedia, he was selected in 2000 as the Editor for the Religion section. Nupedia now is part of a larger online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. More recently Dr. Anees has been involved with the development of the Internet portal, Digital Universe. Author of half a dozen books and over 350 articles, book reviews, and bibliographies, published in international scholarly journals. Dr. Anees has contributed to the Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World and Encyclopedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures.

He is also advisor to the Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center (RITSEC), Cairo, Egypt, for conceptualization and implementation of CultureWare programs. Dr. Anees is also founding Editor of the International Journal of Islamic and Arabic Studies, an Advisory Editor of the Journal of Islamic Science, Journal of Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Studies (Islamabad) and, section editor, Islamic and Arabic Studies, for Ultimate Reality and Meaning. Dr. Anees is consultant to the Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series (STARS) by the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences, University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Anees is member of the Royal Academy for Islamic Civilization Research, Amman, Jordan, and UNESCO’s select group of 40 international scholars: Intellectuals of the World. He is listed in several biographical sources: Contemporary Authors, Who is Who in the World, and Writers Directory. Currently Dr. Anees is Founding Director, Center for Global Dialog University of Management and Technology, Lahore.

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