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Dr. Muhammad Ikram Azam

February 1, 2012adminAdvisory BoardComments Off on Dr. Muhammad Ikram Azam

Dr. R.M. Ikram Azam is a free-lance writer, author of 125 books in English, ranging from fiction and verse to research work in Futuristics: Islam, Pakistan, Creativity, Literary Studies, Research Methodology, Education, Basic: Life, Education and Language Skills, Moral Values Education and Integrated Family Studies, Interfaith Interaction, Social Change, Geosociology: Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, Geostrategy, International Political Economy, and Peace Studies. Dr. Azam has also edited and contributed to, additionally, another 25 books. He has had his education in Pakistan, the USA and U.K. Dr. Azam is the conferee of several distinctions: literary awards and academic honours. He is a Fellow of the WFSF (World Futures Studies Federation), USA; and a Life Member, and Member of the Global Advisory Council of the WFS (World Future Society), USA. Dr. Ikram Azam is a recipient of the Warner Bloomberg Award, USA, for “Excellence in Futures Studies” (1998), and the Cultural Doctorate (C.D.) in “Futuristics Philosophy”, from the World University (Roundtable), USA (2000). Dr. Azam is a graduate (‘ndc’) of the NDC (National Defence College), Pakistan (1979-80). Being the Pioneer Founder of Futuristics in Pakistan, he is the Hony. Chairman of The PFI: The Pakistan Futuristics Foundation and Institute, an NGPI: Non-Governmental Peace Institute (started in July, 1986), and its literary-educational predecessor wing Margalla Voices, Islamabad (1976), Pakistan. As an Educator, he is associated with some local-national institutions and universities as a Visiting Professor. He has supervised the research work of several Graduate, and Post-Graduate (M.A.; M.Phil. and Ph.D.) students and scholars. His focus is on Preferable (Normative) Social Change engineered through Creativity: Human Integrated Development by means of Creative Education As “Irfan”: Enlightenment, Moral Values Education, Basic Life, Language, and Education and Communicative Skills and Integrated Family Studies. Dr. Azam conceptualized and introduced “Advanced Integrated Studies” in Pakistan. He has also presented the concept of Geosociology in his pioneering work, Geosociology and the Future, (The PFI; 2004). He highlights the Geosociology of the Third/Muslim World and its indigenous peoples, cultures, languages, literatures, and ideologies. The latest/recent conferments on him include:

• Entry in the IBC, Cambridge UK, Dictionary of International Biography: 1998-1999.
• IBC Foremost Professionals and 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the World: 2008.
• International Professional of the Year 2007, UK; 2007.
• IBC 21st Century Award of Achievement: 2008.
• IBC Leading Educators of the World: 2008.
• Fellow, Advisory Directorate International, USA: 2009.
• The International Plato Award For Educational Achievement, UK; 2009.
• International Educator of the Year 2009, UK; 2009.

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