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Dr. Shams Yasir

January 12, 2012adminSpecial Assignment EditorsComments Off on Dr. Shams Yasir

Dr. Shams Yasir has graduated from Kabul Medical University. After graduation from Medical faculty, he  worked at L.R.H. Peshawar for 6months. After that he worked as Medical Officer at Cure International hospital Kabul and then continued the same post at UIProjects for three years in Khost province. Currently he is  working at Colombo Plan Afghanistan Office since four years.  He is  supervising Counter Narcotics Public Information Campaign in 28 provinces of Afghanistan. He has 28 provincial offices and his  officers work closely with Ministry of Counter Narcotics of Afghanistan. Counter Narcotics messages are delivered to the farmers, elders, youths, women, Ulema and officials by conducting conferences, Jirgas (council gatherings), Ulema conferences, youth conferences and congresses, workshops for youths, women, teachers, religious leaders and law enforcement officers. Messages were also delivered to the target population through mass media (Radio, TV, Posters, Billboards, school bags, note books, pen, pencil and rulers). On the other side, capacity building workshops were conducted for Counter Narcotics Officers around the country.  Dr. Yasir represent The Diplomatic Insight in Afghanistan.

Tanja Miscevic

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Tanja Miscevic graduated in 2003 from Bucharest University, at Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences, majoring in Social Communication. She continued her two years postgraduate studies in Theory of Culture, at Faculty of Political, at University of Belgrade. During her graduate

academic development, she attended postgraduate courses at University of Bologna and Ravenna and Central European University, following the subject areas such as Cultural Heritage in the Byzantine Era and Cultural Policy Issues. She works as a journalist and a broadcaster for Serbian Broadcasting Organization – Radio Belgrade since 2004 until present. Her other collaborations include broadcasting at Deutsche Welle – Serbian Desk, and on call correspondence for the

Romanian national Radio Actualitatii. More recent collaboration include working with the German Landesanstalt fuer Medien from Dusseldorf. Apart from her journalistic work, Tanja Miscevic works also as a freelance translator/interpreter, covering English, Romanian

and German languages. She also worked as a referrals officer at the Australian Embassy in Belgrade. At her current post, at SBC’s Radio Belgrade 1, Tanja Miscevic works

at External Politics/World Affairs desk, with main reporting/writing interests on USA and EU foreign policy, relations with the Islam world and world geopolitical analysis. Tanja Miscevic represents The Diplomatic Insight in Serbia.

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