Mrs Al Jouharah Bint Abdullah Al Arifi, Wife of Honorable Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan, is proactive in the promotion of various socio-economic and cultural activities and programs in the country. She has been rigorously engaged in the welfare of children of lesser of God in Pakistan i.e. Sweet Homes, Orphanage Centers etc. She is great speaker having scholarship/expertise on Islam, Diplomacy, Event Management. She is strong advocator of strong bilateral relations between the two countries. She tends to stage different folk and musical shows in Pakistan for the lively interaction and promotion of better understanding of cultures. With a Muslim woman with a vision to enhance the wellbeing of the people of Pakistan and elsewhere, she is a role model for all the women. The Diplomatic Insight arranged an exclusive interview with Mrs Al Jouharah Bint Abdullah Al Arifi. Following are the excerpts of the interview.


Q.1 : Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are two brotherly countries , how would you describe the relations over the years ?


Ans. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are enjoying close brotherly relationships Since the foundation of Pakistan , and that the Kingdom always stand by the side of Pakistani brothers throughout the crises of difficult times like earthquakes and floods etc .

Q.2 : What are the various development initiatives that have been taken by Saudi Arabia in Pakistan ?

Ans. The Kingdom provides social , health and educational projects in different areas of Pakistan , also the Saudi development fund use to carry out visits to Pakistan to follow up the projects that it provides through out Pakistan .

Beside that The campaign of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques which has its office in Islamabad has established numerous health and educational projects .

Q.3 : Let us know about your Philanthropic work and your stature as Good Will Ambassador for Pakistan Bait ul Maal ?

Ans. The children of Bait ul Maal are just like my children , and I consider the time of being with them as the most happiest times of my life , and the Embassy of Pakistan always insure its support for the guardianship of those children .

Q.4: What would you like to share about various collaborative initiatives taken by both Muslim women of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan?

Ans . With this regard I would like to make reference to the cultural celebration that was carried out in 2011 , where Pakistani and Saudi Arabian cultures had been displayed , and the wonderful ( hina ) party conducted in my house in march of this year, which reflect the Pakistani and Saudi Arabian culture, recognizing and appreciating the traditions of The Pakistan society .

Q.5: What are The various roles that Muslim women are playing around the world including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan ?

Ans. There are huge projects which are carried out by Muslim women around the world including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan , in both private and public sectors , and participate actively in the commercial projects as well , Muslim women have been creative in all fields that they have entered thereby in which you could see famous female doctors and famous business women , and they have participations in their fields all over the world.

Q. 6 : What are the various sectors where women of both countries can collaborate with each other ?

Ans. There should be mutual cooperation and approach between women of the Kingdom and Pakistan in cultural matters and whatever concerns the women affairs and between commercial chambers of the two countries , and there should be mutual visits between them .

Q.7 : What is your message to the people of Pakistan especially women ?

Ans. The message which I would like convey to the people of Pakistan in general is that to continue the active work for the development of the country , and the message for women in particular is that to do hard work for the development of the family performance for that it is the pillar of the society because families are the small societies that form the communities which constitutes the people , wishing them all success .


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