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The Diplomatic Insight April 2019 Issue

 April Magazine 2019

The Diplomatic Insight March 2019 Issue

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The Diplomatic Insight (ABC Certified) is Pakistan’s First Multilingual magazine publishing since December 2008 with a theme objective of “Peace Through Informed Dialogue”.Through the dynamics of Media, Diplomacy and Peace, the magazine as a leading media house is dedicated to provide neutral and objective analysis of domestic, regional and international issues. The magazine is not only publishing books, research and analytic reports, supplements and newsletters but also organize seminars, workshops, conferences, round table dialogues and produce documentaries on various issues like interfaith harmony, dialogue among civilizations, cultural diplomacy, religions, peace, extremism, dynamics of various conflicts, international relations and domestic politics.The Diplomatic Insight aspires to explore areas of mutual cooperation by exploring areas of partnerships in the field of journalism, conflict sensitive media, peace building through media. We welcome support and contributions from scholars, academicians and executives working in public and private sectors. We, therefore, welcome contributions in any form ranging from opinion pieces, reports highlighting various events connected to international politics, development issues and issues related to Pakistan’s domestic and foreign policy, development project descriptions and advertisements.

                                     The Diplomatic Insight has already made a mark in the media industry and is making substantial contribution to public diplomacy and bridging diplomatic gaps between Pakistan and other nations across the globe.Our team comprised of dedicated individuals who are highly qualified professionals and leaders in their specified fields and we value our Special Assignment Editors around the globe, who represents our true ideology of creating space for dialogue and multicultural forum to know each other through the medium of learning and aspiring each other.The Diplomatic Insight has launched its next project and this is Pakistan’s first Multilingual News Agency “Global News Pakistan(GNP).We encourage you to join us in this platform and lets make the world a better place to understand and live in.

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The Diplomatic Insight April 2019 Issue

Diplomatic Insight April 2019 Issue

The Diplomatic Insight March 2019 Issue

Diplomatic Insight March 2019 Issue

The Diplomatic Insight Feb 2019 Issue

The Diplomatic Insight Jan 2019 Issue